A camera housing developed specifically for long term time-lapse photography.

The Cyclapse is designed to protect an SLR camera and related electronics in long term outdoor or other challenging environments.

Accommodates almost any SLR camera including those with full- frame sensors with wide or telephoto lenses.
Canon 6D with 16-35mm lens pictured.

Sloped base design allows view of rear camera screen while installed in housing.

Lid design has no flat surfaces and incorporates generous overhang to shed water and snow even when installed at a substantial tilt. Birds cannot nest on the lid.

Metal housing and fiberglass lid will withstand abuse with finishes that should endure all outdoor environments around the world.

Sled can be removed with a camera attached then replaced without affecting the registration of the image.

Latches are lockable and adjustable.

Mounts available for every situation.

Complete systems starting at $2499

Legacy Time-Lapse Package
by Harbortronics

The legacy Time-Lapse Package was our bread and butter for many years. The Cyclapse system is a culmination of our experience selling thousands of Time-Lapse Packages operating in every continent on Earth.

The new system fits larger cameras, offers easier access to the camera, control, and power systems, and has a significantly more versatile mounting system.

The Time-Lapse Package is still available from Harbortronics.