Cyclapse Classic -Extreme IQ


The Cyclapse Classic -Extreme IQ is a complete time-lapse camera system, with components chosen to produce the highest quality images in the industry.

This system incorporates a Pentax Medium-Format camera whose image resolution and quality surpass those from all SLR cameras. This system is intended for applications which require billboard-size prints, files which may be converted directly to 8K video formats, or need extreme pan & zoom post-production effects.

To make the best use of the potential of this system, we strongly recommend enlisting the help of an experienced photographer when determining the camera location, and setup.

The Cyclapse Classic -Standard system is more appropriate for the majority of applications. However, if your application demands the absolute best image quality possible, self-contained, solar powered, and operating autonomously in an incredibly compact outdoor package, this system will meet your needs!

Cyclapse Classic

The Cyclapse Classic time-lapse camera system is based on the Cyclapse housing and mount system, as well as the tried & true DigiSnap 2700 time-lapse controller. An additional circuit block called the Cyclapse Power Module is included to perform all power management functions, such as battery charge control, dual-battery hot-swap, power supplies for the camera, time-lapse controller, and accessories. Tight integration with the features of the DigiSnap 2700 such as external trigger and switched control over camera and accessory power are incorporated in the design of the Cyclapse Power Module.

Items included:

  • Cyclapse Camera Housing (000292), with charge connection
  • High capacity battery pack (000457)
  • 10 Watt Solar Panel (000440)
  • Cyclapse Power Module (000468)
  • Harbortronics DigiSnap 2700 (000431)
  • Pentax 645Z Medium Format camera (000797)
  • Pentax Lens, SMC-FA 645 45mm F2.8 (000798)
  • Camera Sled B (000741)
  • Shutter Release Cable (000374)
  • Camera power adapter (000801)
  • 2x, 64 GB memory card (000750)
  • Cyclapse Ball Head Mount – Bolt (000460)
  • Solar Panel Ball Head Mount, 10 W – Bolt (000130)
  • 2x, Mounting Arm, Flat, 12” (000461)
  • USB/Serial Converter cable, (000778)
  • Tools, cables, and manuals.


Housing Weight 8.5 lbs (3.86 kg)
System Weight 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg)
Cyclapse Housing Dimensions 10.9 in. (275 mm) wide
7.92 in. (200 mm) tall
Shipping Box Dimensions 8 in. x 15 in. x 13 in.
Shipping Weight 21.8 lbs (9.87 kg)


Cyclapse Classic -Extreme IQ
Cyclapse Classic common kit: Housing, Battery, Power Electronics, Intervalometer $1,611.75
Total $12,720.10
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