Camera Compatibility

Most digital SLR cameras can be used with the DigiSnap Pro. Some perform better than others, and some have quirks that make them less desirable. Here is a general summary. Feel free to contact us with specific camera compatibility questions.

Canon SLRs

  • Generally OK.
  • T6i is quirky, not recommended.
  • Older models could be problematic (20D for instance).

Nikon SLRs

  • Generally OK.

Mirrorless cameras

  • Typically quirky
  • Manual focus typically ineffective. Most will still periodically change the zoom and focus, so an adapter/full manual lens may be needed.
  • Exposed sensor burn-in potential in long term time-lapse

Panasonic Lumix

Manual focus is a known issue. May not be fully compatible.

Panasonic GH3

GH3 will not take pictures manually while connected to USB.

Sony A7RII

Manual focus seems OK. USB/Shutter release custom cables required. Have seen issues with external power. Don't know about compatibility with the Pro.

Testing Camera Compatibility

We haven't tested many cameras from other manufacturers, but there are some things to check when assessing a camera model.

  • Shutter Release - Must have a connector for a wired cable release. A few cameras don't have this connector, and use IR or WiFi for remote control. These are not compatible.
  • External Power - For a long term time-lapse project, supplying power to the camera is essential. The camera must have a connection to eliminate the battery. This could be a 'dummy' battery with a cut-out to route a cable out of the battery compartment. It could also be a dedicated connection on the camera body. Some of these connections may be to charge the battery, and not eliminate it... not suitable.
  • USB - The DigiSnap Pro connects to the USB port of the camera to extract images. Most cameras will support the basic protocols to allow image download, but some cameras become unresponsive to manual or remote control when connected to USB. Without this capability, the system could run into difficulties when taking pictures at a relatively low interval (i.e. less than perhaps 5 minutes between pics), or if image transfer is handled in batch. We do not recommend cameras that cannot take pictures while USB is active. The Pentax K1, Lumix GH3, and at least one FujiFilm camera fall into this category.