USB Cellular Modem Support

Cellular networks vary greatly around the world, so it is always best to use a cellular modem recommended/sold by the local network. In the USA, Verizon offers the USB730L for instance. Outside of the US, the Huawei E3372 is popular with many networks. Unfortunately, there are lots of USB cellular modems on the market, and we don't have the resources to test them all. We really appreciate your feedback if you've tested a model not listed. The drivers in our DigiSnap Pro Controller attempt to support as many modems as possible, but any model not listed here will need to be tested before support can be confirmed. In some cases we may be able to modify our code to support additional modems, but this requires additional work on our part and a lot of patience and help from a customer.

Confirmed Working

The following USB cellular modems have been tested by Harbortronics or reported by customers as working with the DigiSnap Pro. If you have tested another model, please let us know!

Cross reference this list with the list of modems supported by your cellular carrier to find a match.


  • Huawei E3372
  • Huawei E5573s (also known as Turkcell Vinn Wifi)
  • Huawei E8372
  • Novatel MiFi U620L (also known as Verizon USB620L)
  • Novatel USB730L (also known as Verizon USB730L)

3G only

  • Multitech MTD-H5 (GSM/HSPA+)

    The MultiTech MTD-H5 is marketed to be 'Universal' in that they are advertised, certified for, and 'should' work in networks over much of the world (see data sheet for details). It requires the customer to buy and insert a SIM card and configure the APN in the DigiSnap Pro Controller. Please verify that the SIM card provider has adequate 3G coverage at your project site. Keep in mind that many coverage maps will show LTE coverage in areas where the older 3G network has been decommissioned. These cellular modems only support 3G, so they aren't as fast as a newer 4G modem. It's always best to use a cellular modem recommended/sold by the local network.

Reported Non-Working

Customers have reported the following modems do not work with the DigiSnap Pro. They could be incompatible, or it could have been a temporary issue. If you have further information about any of these models, please let us know.

  • Huawei E3276
  • Huawei K4203