Harbortronics is a small private company, started in 1998 in a small basement office in Gig Harbor, Washington. We are now operating from a custom-built 3000 square foot facility in Fort Collins, Colorado with several employees. Harbortronics was started by Mark Roberts, when he realized that early digital camera manufacturers had provided the means to control their cameras, but weren't making full use of this potential.

The DigiSnap 1000 was the first product of Harbortronics, and was able to electronically control the shutter on several digital camera models, and incorporated a rudimentary time-lapse capability.

The success of the DigiSnap 1000 led to the design of the DigiSnap 2000 series. This controller includes simple and advanced time-lapse capabilities, is configurable by the user via a computer terminal, and has endured brilliantly over the years. The original DigiSnap 2000 circuit board was developed in 1999, and has been in continuous production to the present day. The design features the ability to add an application specific circuit board in the housing, which was leveraged in the DigiSnap 2200, 2500, 2800, and the most popular model at this time, the DigiSnap 2700. While the design isn't as fancy or tiny as other time-lapse controllers, it's flexibility and reliability have made it the most popular and clearest choice for long term time-lapse.

Many other products have been developed at Harbortronics since 1998. The DigiSnap 3000 was produced briefly, but was simply too advanced for the needs of most applications. The DigiSnap 2800 was a popular variant of the DigiSnap 2000 which allowed control over a stepper motor, enabling time-lapse with integrated motion control. This led to the Snap360, a fully integrated time-lapse panoramic turntable.

Other application specific controllers were developed under contract for other projects, including several for deep ocean cameras. The Snap360 was packaged with a custom built photographic strobe/speedlight into a glass cylinder for underwater panoramic photography [featured on the Monster Quest 'Boneless Horror' TV show episode]. Harbortronics assisted in the re-configuration and custom control over digital cameras to work within multiple oceanographic camera housings, operating at great depths. Harbortronics developed a deep-ocean photographic strobe within a glass capsule.

During the first few years, we received numerous requests for ideas on how to equip a standalone time-lapse camera system for use in a variety of outdoor environments. There were many people who created their own (DIY) systems and eventually we took the idea to heart, and developed the Time-Lapse Package. This system has been in production since about 2004, with many mechanical design improvements over the years, but using the same highly efficient electronics over this entire period. We have produced about 4000 Time-Lapse Package systems over time, with sales growing each year.

Given several requests, Harbortronics developed the Hydrolapse camera. This camera uses a custom acrylic housing, and leverages the flexibility of the DigiSnap 2700 and other electronics, forming an underwater time-lapse camera system for coral reef research, fish studies, and other long term projects in water as deep as 100 ft.

As technology advances, customer expectations increase, and this is certainly no different in the photographic industry. Increasingly, we are asked to provide systems with greater capability… higher resolution, greater image quality (sensor size), and a wider assortment of camera models and lenses than our Time-Lapse Package can accommodate.

The Cyclapse system was in development for about 2 years, and we are delighted to be in production of this elegant design! We are very excited to offer a system which we believe addresses the needs of almost all time-lapse project requirements in any environment around the globe!