Eye-Fi X2 Pro Discontinued

The Pro X2 WiFi memory card has been discontinued by EyeFi, and they are no longer in distribution. Our current network options are based exclusively on the Pro X2 card, so while we are able to offer the other components, networking will not work without these cards. If you have or are able to acquire a Pro X2 card, we are happy to provide the rest of the equipment for these options.

We have evaluated other WiFi cards from EyeFi and other manufacturers, but none of them appear to offer the ability to automatically transfer and delete images from the camera to networked locations.

We are in the process of developing new hardware which will support networking, but currently we are not able to provide complete network solutions for our time-lapse camera systems.

Harbortronics has been designing and manufacturing time-lapse camera systems for 12 years, with about 4500 systems shipped for use from pole to pole. Only in the last few years have networked solutions become a popular option. Our systems were designed to operate autonomously, without AC mains or networking, and have proven long term reliability in projects all over the world. While we are disappointed to not be able to offer networking solutions at the present time, USB download or memory cards swap are still the most popular and least complex methods of image extraction, and still viable in the majority of applications.