Guyed Pipe Cap Pan Tilt

1-1/2" Pipe, Sch 40. 12 ft plumbing pipe. Bottom anchored in ground, added 3 guy wires for wind stabilization. (Used nylon cord for example... actual installation should use wire rope)
Guy wire ring: Missouri Wind & Solar P/N "gy34ring"
Locking collar: Missouri Wind & Solar, 1-15/16"
Quick-Links (between Guy wire ring and cord) : McMaster Carr 8947T25

Installed 'Mounting Arm Assy, Flat, 12"', Harbortronics P/N 000461
A wrench is required to tighten the U-Bolt nuts... 1/2" or 13mm will work (not included).
The installed orientation of the arm will depending on the mount to be used with the arm.

The Pan-Tilt mount is pre-attached to the Cyclapse camera housing.
Cyclapse Pan-Tilt Mount, Harbortronics P/N 000518
Cyclapse Camera Housing, Harbortronics P/N 000292

The Pan-Tilt Mount and Cyclapse Camera Housing are then attached to the mounting arm.

In this example, a 10 watt solar panel is attached to the end of the pipe, using the pipe cap mount.
10 Watt Panel: Harbortronics P/N 000440
Ball Head Pipe Mount, Solar Panel 10W, NPS1.5: Harbortronics P/N 000702

Please note that the pipe cap is made from stainless steel, and can be directly welded to steel pipe.

Alternatively, holes may be drilled in the periphery of the cap. Matching holes are drilled into the pipe and threaded for retaining screws. It's difficult to start drilling a hole on the cap in the field, so pre-drilling on a drill press is advised. A screw size of 1/4-20 or M6 is recommended. Once the holes are drilled in the cap, it's relatively easy to drill holes in the pipe in the field, using the cap as a guide.

In this example, only one hole was drilled, but in actual practice, a three hole pattern is advised.

The cord from the solar panel is then connected to the back of the housing, and the remaining cord coiled and secured. The channel shape of the mounting arm makes a convenient place to secure the cord, and there are holes drilled for use with wire ties.

Orient the solar panel toward the mid-day sun, orient the camera toward the subject, and tighten the respective screws to lock everything in place.