Utility Pole

This installation shows the use of the two mounting arms in the Cyclapse system. The system is mounted to a standard wood utility pole.

A 10 watt solar panel is mounted using the Pole arm, and the Cyclapse camera housing using the Flat arm.

Note that stainless steel band clamps are used to secure the arm to the pole. Band clamps up to 1" width may be used, but none are included with the arm.

10 Watt Panel: Harbortronics P/N 000440
Solar Panel Ball Head Mount, Bolt, 10W : Harbortronics P/N 000130
Mounting Arm, Pole, 12: Harbortronics P/N 000688

Screws are driven into the pole, through the holes in the plate. This assembly comes with a pair of U-Bolts, which may be discarded when using this mounting method. Screws are not included. When attaching to a metal pole, the Pole arm using band clamps is preferred.

Cyclapse Camera Housing, Harbortronics P/N 000292
Cyclapse Ball-Head Mount, Bolt, Harbortronics P/N 000518
Mounting Arm Assy, Flat, 12: Harbortronics P/N 000461