Cyclapse Pan-Tilt Mount


The pan-tilt mount allows manual adjustment of the camera angle without concern for sideways tilt (roll) during adjustment. If the application requires frequent re-orientation of the camera, the pan-tilt mount is highly recommended. However, the pan-tilt mount is slightly less rigid than the ball head mount, and may vibrate more in a strong wind.

Please note, this is NOT a motorized pan-tilt mechanism.

The Cyclapse Pan-Tilt Mount is designed to mount directly to the Cyclapse system mounting arms, but it may be possible to attach the pan-tilt mount directly to an existing mechanical structure, such as a parapet .

The Pan-Tilt mount requires some assembly before installation. The tapered pivots must be attached to the housing, using the included thread-lock adhesive. Use several drops on the screw thread, and tighten securely against the housing clamp blocks.


Cyclapse Pan-Tilt Mount
Cyclapse Pan-Tilt Mount $195.00
Total $195.00