Cyclapse Pro - Glacier


The Glacier system includes everything needed for operation in remote locations at low temperature, where there are no structures to mount a camera and solar panel.

While a 10 watt solar panel is standard for most systems, a 20 watt panel is included with this system to provide better charge capability in polar regions. A second battery pack is also included, to increase the duration the system will operate without charging (cloudy skies, very low temperatures).

The Nested Tripod is a portable, light-weight but rigid structure, perfect for remote sites that do not have existing mounting structures. Independent mounts are provided for both the Cyclapse and the solar panel, reducing the camera vibration due to high winds.

The included Pentax K1 is a great camera for extreme environments.
One caveat of the Pentax K1 camera is that it isn't able to take pictures when the network board is powered up and connected via USB. This can be worked around by adjusting your upload schedule for a time when the camera isn't taking pictures, at night for instance.

If you require simultaneous photo capture and network uploads, please contact us to discuss your options as the K1 may not be appropriate.

Cyclapse Pro

The Cyclapse Pro time-lapse camera system is based on the Cyclapse housing and mount system, as well as the DigiSnap Pro time-lapse controller. The DigiSnap Pro is an advanced controller for long-term time-lapse photography systems. All of the functions normally required for a long-term time-lapse system using high quality cameras are integrated into this single small device. Both autonomous and networked applications are fully supported.

Since 2004, Harbortronics has been producing time-lapse camera systems, continuously refining the designs and selected components per feedback from customers in the field.


Cyclapse Pro - Glacier
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