Cyclapse Pro - Standard


We at Harbortronics have been making time-lapse systems for about 12 years, with about 4500 systems shipped to customers for use all over the planet. We think the components selected for the Standard system is a great recommendation for the vast majority of outdoor time-lapse applications.

The Standard system is designed to operate autonomously, with no need for networks or AC mains power.

A 10 watt solar panel is included, which is sufficient for taking at least 200 pictures per day, even in areas of high clouds such as Seattle or London. In sunny locations such as Dubai or the Australian Outback, as many as 1000 pictures per day are possible. While solar power is generally the most reliable and lowest cost option for on-site power, AC mains power is also an available option.

Independent ball head mounts are provided for the Cyclapse housing and solar panel. Short rigid arms are also included with the Standard system, allowing connection to almost any structure, including scaffolding.

A Canon T7 camera, with 18-55mm lens is included with the Standard system. Other camera/lens options are available as well.

Cyclapse Pro

The Cyclapse Pro time-lapse camera system is based on the Cyclapse housing and mount system, as well as the DigiSnap Pro time-lapse controller. The DigiSnap Pro is an advanced controller for long-term time-lapse photography systems. All of the functions normally required for a long-term time-lapse system using high quality cameras are integrated into this single small device. Both autonomous and networked applications are supported.

Since 2004, Harbortronics has been producing time-lapse camera systems, continuously refining the designs and selected components per feedback from customers in the field.


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