Cyclapse Pro -Starter


The Starter system includes everything needed to get started with outdoor long term time-lapse photography.

An AC power adapter is included, which can be installed outdoors to keep the internal battery pack charged. A Canon T6 is provided along with the mounting sled, but many other camera models may be substituted.

The Starter system uses the same electronics, housing and battery pack as our highest priced Cyclapse Classic system, but none of our mounts are included. The housing bottom has three threaded points which you can use for connection to your own mount.

Any of our other Cyclapse components will work with the Started system, so you may add other pieces when and if your projects need them.

Cyclapse Pro

The Cyclapse Pro time-lapse camera system is based on the Cyclapse housing and mount system, as well as the DigiSnap Pro time-lapse controller. The DigiSnap Pro is an advanced controller for long-term time-lapse photography systems. All of the functions normally required for a long-term time-lapse system using high quality cameras are integrated into this single small device. Both autonomous and networked applications are fully supported.

Since 2004, Harbortronics has been producing time-lapse camera systems, continuously refining the designs and selected components per feedback from customers in the field.


Cyclapse Pro -Starter
Cyclapse Pro common kit: Housing, Battery, Power Electronics, Intervalometer $1,937.70
Total $2,818.00