DigiSnap 2700


The DigiSnap 2700 is a variation of the DigiSnap 2000, adding a Real-Time Clock, simplified for use with modern digital cameras, and includes a set of connections optimized for long term time-lapse projects. The DigiSnap 2700 was tailored specifically for use in the Harbortronics Time-Lapse Package.

The DigiSnap 2700 has a simplified feature set compared to the other members of the DigiSnap 2000 family, reducing the configuration complexity substantially. The DigiSnap 2700 is intended for use with SLR and other 'contact' style camera interfaces. In addition, a Real-Time Clock has been added, to more easily use the Advanced Time-Lapse feature of the DigiSnap controllers.

This DigiSnap has no internal battery, but is powered via a connector to a 5V power source, such as an AC adapter, or the Harbortronics Battery Converter. New to the DigiSnap controller series is the ability to control power to the camera, lighting, or strobe via connection to the Harbortronics Battery Converter.


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