DigiSnap Pro


The DigiSnap Pro is an advanced controller for long-term time-lapse photography systems. All of the functions normally required for a long-term time-lapse system using high quality cameras are integrated into this single small device. Both autonomous and networked applications are supported.

Cyclapse Classic systems can be retrofitted with the DigiSnap Pro. The DigiSnap Pro will replace the DigiSnap 2700 and Cyclapse Power Module.

Introduction Video

Camera Controller

  • Works with many modern high quality digital SLR cameras (crop sensor or full frame SLR, medium format).
  • Power: Configurable voltage to suit all compatible camera models
  • Shutter Release: cables available for select Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Image Extraction via USB

Power Management

  • Dual battery connections (hot swap capability)
  • Supports Li-ion batteries
  • Charge from Solar, AC adapter, external Battery Bank
  • Switched power outputs for external devices (strobes, lamps, heaters, motors, etc.)
  • Very low power consumption!

Automated Image Transfer

  • Network via WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular Modem*, and Satellite Terminals*
  • Transfer images singly or in batch (better power efficiency)
  • Transfer all or decimated set of images (reduced data volume)
*Sold separately; not available from Harbortronics

Local Storage

  • USB Hard-drive inside housing
  • USB Flash Drive at end of long cable

Ready for any Housing

  • Machined metal housing for EMI resistance
  • Connection for status LEDs 
  • Wifi antenna included
  • Connection for Bluetooth Transceiver
  • 2.3” x 3.5” x 1.0” (easily fits in shirt pocket)

Status Emails

Emails sent periodically or to warn of problems:

  • Camera Failure
  • Low Battery
  • High Humidity
  • Temperature Concerns
  • Etc.

Remote Configuration

  • Configure controller via Bluetooth LE connection to Android smartphone or low cost tablet!

Android App

Get it on Google Play

There is no release date anticipated for an iPhone app. We recommend buying an inexpensive Android tablet.

Android Tablets

We know that not everyone uses an Android smartphone or tablet, which are required for the Android App. There are very inexpensive tablets on the market, and we recommend you get one if you don't already use Android. Here is a list of tablets that we have tested. If you try other hardware, please let us know!

The DigiSnap Pro Android application runs on any Android device using version 6.0 or newer.
Android device must also support Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Lenovo Tab 3 (Essential 7")


Please call for price and availability.