Nested Tripod



Total weight of stand 18.2 lbs [8.25 kg]
Height at center of taller ball 46 in [1.17 m]
Height at center of shorter ball 35 in [0.89 m]
Base inscribed circle diameter 49 in [1.25 m]
Mounting ball diameter 1.48in [37.6 mm]
Un-assembled bundle size 61 in [1.55 m] length, 3.5 in [89 mm] approximate diameter


Poles made from 3/4” EMT (electrical conduit). This is a welded steel tube, galvanized for rust protection, as are the round steel plates on the base. The ends have been painted with rust preventative spray paint, but some rusting is unavoidable in the field.

The ball-heads, screws and nuts are all 300 series stainless steel. The ball-heads are welded to the pipe using stainless alloy 309.

The Nested Tripod should be stable for years in all outdoor environments. Operation on sea shores, while certainly possible, may cause additional concern for corrosion.

The Nested Tripod is compatible with the full line of Cyclapse ball head mounts. For use with a Cyclapse housing and solar panel, see Nested Tripod with Cyclapse and Solar Panel Mounts #000930.


Nested Tripod
Total $595.00