Sony A7RII (41MP, Full Frame, Mirrorless) bundle


41MP full frame, mirrorless camera bundle. Includes all parts for interfacing with Cyclapse system.

This camera has a rated shutter life of 500,000 shots, which is 5x that of most SLR cameras! There is also a silent shutter mode, where there is absolutely no mechanical actuation, making it truly silent and potentially eliminating the concern over the number of pictures taken.

One concern for mirrorless cameras is that the sensor is always exposed to the scene, creating the potential for 'sensor burn' if the sun is in the scene.

Items included:

  • Sony A7RII camera [Lens not included in camera bundle]
  • Camera Sled D Assembly
  • Cable Assy, E3-MultiTerminal
  • Cable Assy, PW20-1.7/4.75mm Plug
  • 2x Memory Card, SD, 64GB
Sony A7RII (41MP, Full Frame, Mirrorless) bundle
Total $3,749.00