USB Extension & Modification


  • Cable Assy, USB Entry
  • USB cable gland
  • Cable Assy, USB A, 16 ft, outdoor
  • Hole for USB cable gland, and installation


The USB Extension cable is nominally 15 ft long, and can simply be secured to the structure (pole, tower, building face) down to a suitable location and left dangling. As long as the connector is not exposed to corrosive air (salt spray, pollution, etc.), it should last for years. Please don't try to protect it with tape, as this can trap moisture and create more problems than it solves.

If you need a neater installation, or protection from vandalism, you can use electrical conduit and junction boxes.

One end of the USB Extension cable has a round waterproof connector, which is connected to the housing. This end is too large to fit through small conduit. The other end is a standard USB A Male connector, which will fit through 3/4” PVC or 3/4” EMT conduit. At the end of the conduit near the housing, a 'service entrance' cap (mast head, weather head) or other watertight 'gland' will be needed, to prevent rain from entering the conduit.

If you need more than 15 ft of extension, USB 2.0 Repeater cable assemblies are available which can extend this distance. These cables include a 'hub' as a repeater, so one end of the cable (USB A Female) is a bit larger, and also will not fit through small conduit. The other end is again the USB A Male, which will fit in 3/4” conduit.

We recommend using a single-gang weatherproof junction box at the base of the structure (termination), with a removable or flip cover plate. Remove the plate to expose the USB A male connector, which you can then connect to your laptop computer for camera connection / image download. You might need a short section of USB A Male / A Female passive extension cable if you need to place the laptop computer nearby.

A similar single-gang weatherproof junction box with cover plate will be needed for each USB 2.0 repeater cable (splice). The USB A Male can feed through the conduit, leaving the bulky female connection in the box. Please note some USB 2.0 Repeater cables have additional bulky electronic hubs in the center of the cable. If you don't know for sure, the 16 ft repeater cables certainly do not have them. 30 ft repeater cables rarely include them, but longer cables almost certainly will.

While some locations require the use of metallic (EMT) conduit in outdoor exposed locations for AC mains power, all locations should allow the use of low cost, easy to install non-metallic (PVC) conduit for low voltage wiring, such as this USB cable.

Non-metallic (PCV) hardware, 3/4”

Non-metallic (PVC) conduit may simply be cut and glued to these fittings.

Single-Gang Weatherproof Boxes

1-outlet (termination only), Type FSE
Cantex #5133364
Carlon #E980EFN

2-outlet (splices), Type FSC
Cantex #5133464
Carlon #E981EFN

1-outlet (termination), Type FDE (extra deep)
Cantex #5133311
Carlon #E9801EN

2-outlet (splices), Type FDC (extra deep)
Cantex #5133311
Carlon #E9811EN

Service Entrance Cap

Cantex #5133591
Carlon #E998E
Generic #98006006609

Metallic (EMT) Hardware

Single-Gang Weatherproof Boxes, with 3/4” threaded outlet connections (splice or termination)

Watertight fittings will be needed with these boxes.

Aluminum 3-outlet Hubbell #5324, 5386
Aluminum 4-outlet Hubbell #5330
Aluminum 5-outlet Hubbell #5331, 5332
Plastic (PVC) 3-outlet Hubbell #PSB37550

Service Entrance Cap, for 3/4” EMT, clamped

Halex #58007
Gampak 02-51252 


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