Configurations for Older Firmware

Image Transfer Settings

DSPC Firmware Versions V94 and Earlier:

The Image Transfer Settings allow you to configure the conditions in which your Remote Storage and Local Storage will behave as you are taking pictures.

Remote Storage:

By setting the "Remote Transfer Mode" you are setting the number of pictures that need to be taken before the DigiSnap Pro will begin a remote transfer to your FTP folder. The "Remote Transfer Size" selects the size of the image to be converted and transferred. The "Remote Decimate" setting allows you to reduce the amount of images you send per day. And lastly, the "Hour of Day" simply selects a time of day to initiate the transfer if not otherwise prompted by your configuration.

Local Storage:

This setting enables/disables transferring images to a local USB storage device connected to your DigiSnap Pro. This is commonly used if no remote storage options are configured or available.