MTD-H5 USB Modem

The MultiTech MTD-H5 is marketed to be 'Universal' in that they are advertised, certified for, and 'should' work in networks over much of the world (see data sheet for details). Though it requires the customer to buy and insert a SIM card and configure the APN in the DigiSnap Pro Controller. Please verify that the SIM card provider has adequate 3G coverage at your project site. Keep in mind that many coverage maps will show LTE coverage in areas where the older 3G network has been decommissioned. These cellular modems only support 3G, so they aren't as fast as a newer 4G modem. It's always best to use a cellular modem recommended/sold by the local network.

Verizon networks and SIM cards are not supported.

MTD-H5 product page and documentation

Installing the SIM Card

The MTD-H5 does not make it obvious which direction the SIM card should be installed. Here is what it looks like properly installed. Note the key / registration mark / missing corner is facing out.

Configure the APN

The MTD-H5 requires that the APN be configured in the DigiSnap Pro settings. It cannot auto-configure the APN based on the SIM like other modems. To configure the APN:

  1. Ask your cellular network provider what APN to use with your plan. The APN often varies between phone plans and data-only plans.
  2. Open the DigiSnap Pro app, connect to your DigiSnap Pro, and wait for the Network Settings to become available.
  3. Tap Network Settings and scroll to the Cellular Modem section.
  4. Enter the APN provided by your network provider in the APN field.
  5. If your SIM has a PIN, enter the PIN in the SIM PIN field.
  6. Under the Network Hardware section, set the Network Connection Timeout to at least 2 minutes.