Some of our customers have requested an all-in-one hosting solution for their photos.
We don't have the ability to create a forward facing webpage, but there are services out there to accomplish just that!
If you need to be able to share your image uploads to other parties quickly and easily one example of such a service is

They offer a trial period of 14 days which you can use to test out the service to see if it will work for your needs.

One of PhotoShelters most pertinent features for DigiSnap Pro users is it’s ability to accept FTP uploads directly.

PhotoShelter provides some easy to use tools to put together an attractive webpage with your portfolio in multiple organized galleries. You can sell photos directly from the portfolio, and there are options to create client-specific portfolios. It can be configured for outgoing FTP as well if you need images transferred from PhotoShelter to FTP elsewhere.

The DigiSnap Pro can be configured to upload directly to the FTP servers linked to your account with them.

To do this you will need to configure an FTP user on PhotoShelter, and set the user’s upload destination. Unlike standard FTP you will upload files to a single location (, using different users to define the destination instead of defining the path on the FTP client.

The DigiSnap Pro can only upload as one user, so all of it’s uploads would go to the same initial location. If you have multiple DSP units they can all be configured to use their own unique user name which will cause their uploads to be uploaded to separate galleries on PhotoShelter

The files will appear to disappear from the server after uploading a batch of photos, but they will have been moved to the location defined for that upload user and can then be found on the website. Here are PhotoShelter’s instructions on setting up FTP users and uploads:

There are various layers of security implemented and available to implement on their site.

HTTPS (encrypted browsing) is enabled by default. Watermarking, transparent layers, and other anti-piracy features are also available for use.

We are not associated with this service but we are impressed with its features and functionality.

The DigiSnap Pro combined with PhotoShelter’s FTP capabilities and customer-side interface are one possibility to get up and running quickly with minimal effort.