Troubleshooting Clock Behavior

The Timezone often needs to be set more than once before the setting is saved to the controller.
Due to the nature of Bluetooth sometimes messages are dropped and the setting isn't saved.
Whenever a change is made to a setting in the app, it's best to refresh the app (by "pulling down" on the screen until you see a spinning arrow, or "Refresh" under the 3-dot menu in the upper right) to make sure the change was applied.

Setting the timezone correctly is critical in getting all the clocks to sync up correctly.
If the Network Board has an incorrect time zone offset it can mis-correct the other clocks in the system.

There are 4 clocks to consider when setting the time on the DigiSnap Pro:

1) The Real Time Clock is on the main board and is powered at all times by a coin cell battery. This operates the intervalometer.
2) The networking hardware has it's own clock. This clock does not have a battery backup and will set itself every time network the board boots.
3) In the camera itself is another clock that the camera will use to timestamp images.
4) Your Android device has a clock that is typically set from the Cellular network, this clock can be used to quickly and accurately set the RTC/intervalometer clock.

When the network board boots it initially grabs time from the Real Time Clock on the control board.
Then, if the DigiSnap Pro is connected to the internet, the Network Board will acquire time from a Network Time Protocol server (this is used for precision and encryption requirements).
After time is updated from NTP (depending on your Network Settings) the Network Board can go back and update the Real Time Clock for the intervalometer with the precise time that was acquired from NTP.

"Allow Network Module to Update Clock" will update the RTC/Intervalometer clock based on the following conditions:
- Daylight Savings Starts or Ends will update the system clocks based on DST information for your set time zone.
- Network Time Differs will update the clock whenever there is a difference.
- Network Time Differs Less than 5 Minutes will update the clock but only if the difference is under 5 minutes.

The button "Push Time to Cam and Intervalometer" will use the time on the Network Board to update the RTC/Intervalometer and the camera's clock to the current time on the network board.